Word For The Day



PS 34:12-13

12 Who is the man who desires life, And loves many days, that he may see good? 13 Keep your tongue from evil, And your lips from speaking deceit.


NIV Translation

Whoever of you loves life and desires to see many good days, 13keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies.


Your mouth is not given to you just to eat food with it or to communicate with it; God gave it to you so you can use it to build your life by speaking positive words to yourself.


The words you speak with your mouth can help to build your life and at the same time they can help to destroy your life depending on what you to say to yourself.

According to scientists, every microscopic organism in your body hears and responds to the word you speak and they can react positively or negatively in response to the word you spoke.


When you declare to yourself that you are finished, the microscopic organism in your body immediately sends signal to every part of your body to respond and act according to the word you declared.


Words are very powerful, if you must say something to yourself, speak positively and never allow your circumstances to determine what you say to yourself.


The mother of Jabez out of her unpleasant and sorrowful circumstances gave him the name Jabez meaning sorrow and when he grew up to adulthood that name began to pose challenges to him.


But when he realized that something was wrong with him and called on God to help him, his name was changed to an honorable man. As you can see words are so powerful; be careful on how you use them.

When God found himself in a chaotic situation where everything was in a standstill and looked very hopeless, by the words of His own mouth, He changed everything to look good.


There was nothing like light in existence, it was all darkness but by His spoken word He imagined light, framed the picture in His heart and spoke it out into existence.


Saints of God, no life is useless except you don’t have a mouth to speak and a mind to conceive and frame the picture of your desire and then speak it out into existence like God did.


If God used His mind to conceive the world and His mouth to speak it into existence, then nothing is impossible for you if you can exercise the authority in your word, reason is because God created us just to be like Him.


IS 3:8 For Jerusalem stumbled, And Judah is fallen, Because their tongue and their doings Are against the LORD, To provoke the eyes of His glory.

Here the bible stated that the reason why Jerusalem and Judah stumbled is because their confessions and action are against the lord.


Be careful with what you say about the word of God especially at this time where people are introducing strange theologies to discredit the church of God.


God is watching and will pay every man according to their ideologies and confessions towards Him and His word.


PROV 22:29

When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up; and he shall save the humble.


Your confessions in your time of lack and challenges will determine whether you will come out of it victorious or if you will be consumed by it.


Every genuine believer knows that no matter the challenge that stands before them, God can make a way supernaturally for them to overcome it irrespective of how hard or how severe they may appear.

PROV 24:16 made it clear that the righteous man may fall seven time and still rise again but to the wicked it says they shall fail by calamity.


PS 118:17

I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.


When sickness attacks your body or perhaps you are sick right now and you have done several tests and the doctors gave your sickness a big name, common declare with your mouth that you are healed in Jesus name.


God has promised not to bring to us any of the diseases that He brought upon the Egyptians the heathen, and moreover we know that God can heal us whenever we fall sick, so use your mouth to claim your own healing.


The price for your healing is paid for in full but if you don’t claim it with your mouth and believe it in your heart, it might not reflect in your body.


PROV 18:20-21

20 A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled. 21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.


If you want to go far this year, change your confessions, even where things appeared not too good as I speak; still say to yourself that it shall be well with you.


The scriptures made it clear here that you shall be satisfied by the fruit of your mouth; that is to say that by the words of your mouth you can flourish in abundance beyond your imagination and at the same time by the words of your mouth you can suffer in poverty beyond what you can bear.


If the bible says that the words of your mouth plays important role to your wellbeing then use it well this year, stop swearing unnecessarily, stop down playing or downsizing yourself or lying to cover the truth, they can backfire to work against you.